Through the water portal...

The other end of the portal leads to a laboratory of horror where animals were experimented on by a mage/priest to learn to improve his familiar. She transplanted brains, did blood transfusions, grafted limbs, and recorded it all in her book. She experimented on owls, hawks, alligators, dogs, cats, the whole familiar list, really. One of the animals (the owl) got smart and led a rebellion and overthrew the facility.

rooms: where the portal dumps out: room with crude wall paintings of a war between 3 people and animals. “Fridum”

Room B: “Pain, pain, pain, pain Pain PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN….Knowledge…” dissection room

Room C: Fighting water elementals, 3 normal 3 poison, “Deth 2 hoomans”

Room D: “You wasn’t safe” Large and small lizardmen

Room E: “We shall rule, now!” vermin swarm, ape, 6 lizardmen

Room F: “We shall change you” Level 7 3/3/1 druid, sorcerer, mystic theurge with a book on the throne and Bobo, captive sorceress who started all this. Storm Lord offers us dominion/we shall rule you cruel people with the same cruelty you have shown us.

beginning in the owl’s cell, the quality of the painting and the writing increases in quality as the owl was experimented upon and then when he returned to wreak his vengeance. It’s a terrible, but beautiful look into the mind of a tormented artist, and many of the drawings upon the walls look quite good. Taken in context together, as well with the story of the owl, this might be quite valuable to an art gallery.

Through the water portal...

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