Sigil, City of Doors...

Forgeries, Music, and Loot.

Wherein a Succubus allows her followers to experience new things.

We can return to Sigil at any time now… the problem is, we don’t know what to do with the Zariel / Rossinante cocoon. Then there’s also my Gnome friend. The poor guy is still catatonic. I feel sorry for him… for what Ooze did to him… I can’t just leave him here – at the site where it all happened to him. So what are we to do but wait?

A day or so passes (it’s harder to tell here… day and night seem shorter) before anything of significance happens – Ooze shows up… holding his tuba? We buried that thing as a memorial to him… and to mute that damned wizard that was spying on us. Ooze collapsed at the threshold. Syephos and I dragged him onto the other bed in the barracks. I don’t think we cleared the skeleton off first, but he’s an Ogre… or half of one, anyway… he’s used to the macabre. When we dragged Ooze in, there was a very faint glimpse of recognition from the Gnome, almost a whimper. I forced the tuba from Ooze’s hands and threw it into the hidden treasury room that only Syephos can find. A small defiance, but one that guarantees that Lothar wont be listening in.

Ooze looks to be in bad shape. Neither Syephos nor I have the ability to heal, and none of us has a magic item with healing abilities. The closest thing we have is… the rain. Yes. I dash out and fill a waterskin with the rain. I rush back to Ooze and empty the skin down his throat. What happened next was… interesting. Apparently continued exposure to the positive energies causes a buildup within a person to the point where it will literally explode out. This is what happened when I forced the rain water down his throat. That explains all the stab marks on his stomach then. He was forcing the energies to serve a purpose, instead of just building up to the point of bursting out violently.

The Gnome recovered before Ooze did, which is likely a blessing. It allowed me to talk to the poor fellow. The traumatic experience has made him loose himself. He has a picture of himself and what is likely his wife holding a child, an infant… this poor fellow. I must help him find himself. I must try to keep him safe. The only connection I know of is to the odd Gnome boss who needs to install the augments in my hands. Well, the Gnome will just have to accompany me back to Sigil. For now, I shall just have to give him a name, since he can’t remember his own. There were several Gnome families back on Faerun, I’ll just have to try and remember what a traditional Gnomish name would be, as I don’t think he’d be happy with a Gith name… Zook! Yes, there was a little Gnomish boy named Zook back on Faerun. This name will suit the Gnome until we can figure out his true name.

Once Ooze recovered, we decided that the best thing to do would be to venture back to Sigil. I grab the scroll that Zariel had – it’s a divine spell, of course. I will have to try and activate it for Zook… and Syephos… and myself. I don’t fancy having to wait a day to try again. The good news is that I already know what the scrolls are, which is half the problem. So we journeyed down to the portal and Syephos opened it. On the other side, I managed to activate the scrolls both for him and myself, but the one I swiped for Zook didn’t activate. We quickly rummaged through his pack and found a strange device that he grabbed and stuck to his face. He didn’t know what to call it, but he knew instinctively that it would allow him to breathe until we got to the other side.

The journey was uninteresting. Back in Sigil, we meet up with Thrimbar. He’s slightly irritated that we have yet to begin our investigations into the Sensates, the Godsmen, or the Anarchists. We informed him that we needed to handle a private matter and that the investigation was now our primary focus. He accepted our explanation and bid us on our way. I asked a priest at the temple if there was anything that could be done to help Zook get his memory back. The priest told me that there is a specialist for mental health that rotates around the city, including this temple, but it would be about a week… and it might be expensive. I’ll just go see the Gnomish inventor and see if he has anything that can help me – employment records or something.

The workshop door had some kind of note on it. It apparently was a warning not to disturb him during the day, as I had Zook knock while I backed away, expecting the axe to come swinging at my head again. Instead, gouts of flame erupted and engulfed Zook. He lived and I rushed him to a temple for healing. Apparently I will have to wait. Well, while I’m waiting I can go case the Godsmen’s facility. So I head there.

At the gate, I spot Syephos. He apparently has a work order of some kind as the guard summons another guard and Syephos enters. The guard then turns his attention to me and requests my work order. Apparently, without paperwork for an order, I wont be able to get inside. I quickly try to forge something with my back turned. Not the greatest plan. The guard immediately declares them as forgeries and discards them. Fine. I know how to do this.

I stop by a market and grab some supplies – paper, ink and a pen. Next is a stop at the temple of Ao. I bought a purchase order from them for two daggers of masterwork quality made from cold iron – one engraved with my sister’s name, the other engraved with a friend’s name. I give the priest my jink and he gives me the order.

Now that night is falling, I can return to Zilvan’s workshop and get some answers. I knock and duck, this time letting Zook stand back and out of danger. Zilvan appears and lets us in, berating me for wasting fuel for his “flame tossers” when I came by during the day. “I don’t like visitors during the day, didn’t you get that from my note?”. His note… Yeah. Anyway, he had nothing more about Zook. Didn’t know his name, never needed to know his name. I guess all I can do is hope his memories return. Anyway, I get the first installment of the augments to my hands. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as he says it’s going to… or I guess being prepared for it allowed me to ignore it, anyway. A week. I’ll have to wait a week for him to finish the augmentation. I’ll wear some gloves until then. Zook and I travel to an the inn where I’ve rented a room for us for the night. While in the inn, I play the music box I was given by Thrimbar after we returned the first time from the stronghold through the well while I forge two more purchase orders for masterwork cold iron daggers. The music from the box is soothing – much more so than it would be if it was a normal box.

In the morning, I return to the Godsmen’s compound. The guard at the gate is leery of me, but takes my purchase orders. He quickly looks them over and discards one as the forgery it is, then passes the other two off to another guard who takes them back to a workshop. I ask the guard if I could speak with the craftsman who will be creating my daggers – I want to make sure that they will be crafted with care, making sure that they will be spelling the names properly. My pleas must have softened him enough that he agreed that I could visit the craftsman, with whom I made the same pleas. Of course, I was being earnest, but I also had an ulterior motive. I used my time inside the compound to see what I could see… which was nothing all that damning. Ah well.

I suppose the next group will be the easiest to investigate – the Sensates. En route to their brothel, I ran into Syephos. Apparently, we had the same idea at the same time. Not too much later, we also ran into Ooze, who was also heading in the same direction. So we journey together. Ooze apparently knows where he’s going so we let him lead. When we arrive at the building that the Sensates use, we are greeted by a Succubus, Fall From Grace. She agreed to allow us in. Whether or not she knew what we were investigating, I couldn’t say… until Ooze blurted out that we are under orders to root out all Talos worship and that we suspect the Sensates… so much for discretion.

We are shown to their initiation area – where those wishing to be Sensates are able to get information and meet one-on-one with full members. Ooze takes to playing his tuba, which gives me an idea. When he finishes his song, I pull out my music box and crank it. I then tell Ooze to play along the melody of the box. He worked some of his bardic skill into the song and soon enough, nearly every Sensate in the room was asleep. Those that weren’t, left, forlorn, thinking they missed out on something beautiful.

This was, of course, my time to shine! I took to looting everything of value that wasn’t bolted down. I very much hate that the planes run on currency, but I feel it is very much my goal to get enough currency to make it so I can choose the jobs I take and not be forced to take any job that comes my way. I grabbed quite a bit of loot. I’m not ashamed to say that I made out like a bandit. There was even an enchanted book among their possessions. The kind that I’ve seen mages sell for quite the chunk of jink. Maybe I can turn this book into something useful? Who knows?

Behind one of the doors was a Sensate that is oblivious to anything that is outside of the room. She didn’t notice me until I opened the door. She offered me a curious exchange. I tell her a story, she tells me a story. So I told her a story. I told her the story of the inciting incident that got me banished from Shrak’at’lor. That the gang I was running with stole confidential information so that we could disseminate it among the people of the fort. We were looking for the truth behind the trade caravans.

Her story in payment spoke of a great protector of a village. The protector, though mighty, was cruel and mean-hearted, such that she did not care who she hurt. The villagers of the town, outraged by her slaughtering one of their own came up with a plan. One night, they ran to the protector and told her that a dragon was ravaging villagers just outside of town. The villagers lead the protector to a cave. Inside the cave was a lonely mirror. Turning around, the protector looked to the villagers to ask them where the dragon was. As they sealed the protector in the cave, all she could hear was “look in the mirror.”.

The Sensates appear clean. We were allowed to leave without harassment. Now we are left with only one real group to investigate. We just hoped that they weren’t the target, as they would be the most obvious. The Anarchists.


very nice, 1k xp and a fate point

Forgeries, Music, and Loot.

I forgot something and then remembered to add it. Unfortunately you can tell exactly where I’ve edited. I really wish this site had better/more formatting options.

Forgeries, Music, and Loot.

It used to, because you had to use the actual code to get things to work. With the simplified UI that does it for you things have become a bit harder to get right, but all the tools are there at the press of a button.

Forgeries, Music, and Loot.

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Forgeries, Music, and Loot.

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