Half Orc Tuba Prodigy


I was born in a small amlet, a fitting start for a bard-turned tuba prodigy. My father, (a rather uncharacteristic retired sword for hire for his race) and my loving mother ( the human daughter of a small noble family) were very supportive from a very early age of my fascination with the grand instrument. Father had been a career soldier throughout his life; an occupation that ended when he met my mother, saving her from his own kind during a raid. Mother was disowned from her family following their courtship (They didn’t take too kindly to father’s kind).
My younger brother… he means well enough and has always supported (idolized even)tuba skills. we keep in touch to this day from time to time.

Upon being "encouraged"by the village I have left on this journey, going where no tuba player has gone before. I imagine that my being pushed gently out of the village had something to do with a certain event, what I now only can see as an enlightenment. "


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