Githzerai Rogue


A female Githzerai, approximately 6’4".
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Logic
STR: 14
DEX: 21
CON: 15
INT: 16
WIS: 20
CHA: 17


The swirling Chaos of Limbo has always made it hard to keep time in any kind of regular fashion. One day could be the next in the blink of an eye. Because of this, I will not bother with a date, but rather put the significance of that day as the header for each of my entries.
My Day of Maturity – It was suggested by my mentor, a shrewd woman named Li’ran, who serves under Dak’kon, the current Zerth, that I keep this journal in an effort to help control my own chaotic nature. It is not my choice that I see this mentor, but it is at the request of my father, who feels that the group of Gith that I am associated with are an overly bad influence.
The easiest way to describe myself is to also describe the constants in my life – my family, my friends.
The most logical place to start is with my parents.
My father, Kith’bi, is an advisor to Dak’kon, his most trusted advisor. Rather unfortunately, he was crippled in a fight, defending a “trade convoy” from the Illithid as it travelled between our Shrak’at’lor and the neighboring outpost, Tran’kil’ti.
My mother, Liv’kon, is the favored daughter of Dak’kon. She married my father at her father’s wishes. Whether or not she loved my father then, I could not say, but they seem to like each other well enough now, they agree on most things, anyway.
I have three siblings – two sisters, one older, one younger, and a younger brother.
My older sister, Liv’bi, has always been kind to me. After my father’s injury, she spent more and more of her time tending to myself and our younger siblings. She has always understood me, cared about me, and made sure that I am keeping as out of trouble as was possible. Of course, she is also several maturity cycles my elder.
My younger brother, Teth’bi, is only two maturity cycles behind me. He has always taken after my father… a little too strongly if I do say so. Many expect him to develop the same level of skill that makes my father such an excellent advisor to the Zerth.
Lastly is my younger sister, Lilth’bi. She is a kindred soul to me. Even though she is a full four maturity cycles younger, she understands me more than anyone else. While we may see the world through similar eyes, we go about handling it in different fashions. I am a Gith of action, whereas she has taken to experimenting with illicit substances.
For quite a few maturity cycles, I have been associated, as my father likes to say, with what many in Shrak’at’lor have been calling a gang. That is not how we would describe ourselves. We would rather say that we are a group against the current regime. We specifically disagree with the many policies Dak’kon has enacted as of late. One of the more disagreeable policies enacted of late was to limit the communications we have with the other outposts. We even believe that the communications that ARE being allowed are heavily monitored. Our group’s leader, Shrik’ta, was most deeply affected by this, as he is from the outpost Kil’te’kor.
While all the Gith in Shrak’at’lor are law-abiding, I don’t feel that the law is the ultimate means of controlling the Chaos. I believe that there is a greater means of conquering the Chaos, and it does not lie in the laws of those who live in it, but rather, in the contents of their hearts.
Teth’bi ‘s day of Maturity – Ever more does my father grow weary of my actions. He is no longer the only one. My brother, Teth’bi has followed in my father’s footsteps. I fear that he has come to resent me, for not doing the same. Everywhere I go I hear the whispers of those who think that I cannot hear them, as they gossip with one another. They all say much the same thing: that I am wasting such great potential. We are to have dinner at the table of Dak’kon tonight. My mother looks both happy and sad about this, and I have yet to figure out why…
Lilth’bi ‘s day of Maturity – I grow nearer to my day of Decision, wherein I must choose my Path, or have it chosen for me. I worry. For the last cycle we have not heard from Teth’bi. When we had dinner with Dak’kon two cycles ago, it was merely for him to use his influence on my parents to get them to allow him to take Teth’bi for an unknown mission. I am sure my father knows where Teth’bi is, but I have grown in such disfavor with him that he will scarcely even look at me. More and more I look to Liv’bi and my “gang” for guidance. Liv’bi cares deeply for me, and I for her. We are both concerned, however, about Lilth’bi. She grows more and more dependent upon the substances she consumes. She claims they help her reconcile the differences in what she believes and what she knows she is supposed to believe. She is still shackled by her desire to gain our father’s approval, something I long ago disregarded as a possibility.
Banishment – even my fellow members in the “gang” have disowned me. My case was brought before Dak’kon. No longer would my father shield me from Dak’kon ‘s gaze. No longer would my mother excuse my actions as those of a foolish child. My views on policy, on life, have been deemed a threat to the stability of the fortress. I am not likely to be allowed to stay. If I am banished, where will I go? Where can I go? No other outpost would let a Gith like me to stay.
It has been decided. I am no longer allowed in Shrak’at’lor. I must take what meager possessions I have and a few rudimentary supplies that have been given to me and make my way through the Chaos. If I am lucky, I will survive long enough to find a portal to another plane.
A friend – I have been travelling, how long I do not know. The unpredictable nature of the swirling Chaos makes it next to impossible to tell whether I have travelled a few yards or many miles. All I know is that I must make my way until I can find a portal.
I must have been following close to a lesser-known trade route, however, as I came across a young man. I did not know him until he divulged his name – Keth’lorin. The Keth’lorin! The hero who slew an entire party of Illithids! He knew who I was, just as I had known who he was, by name only. He knew me as the daughter of Kith’bi, chief advisor to Dak’kon. He was saddened and surprised by the news I gave him of Shrak’at’lor. He was most interested in my predicament, curious as to why I was travelling alone. When I told him of my banishment, he took pity on me. He gave me a brooch he was wearing and told me that should I ever need help, that I could open the brooch and speak his name and he would come with all haste to my aid.
Faerun – I will never know how long I travelled through the Chaos of Limbo, as I now know it is called by the natives here on Faerun. All I know is that I was lucky to fall, quite literally, through a portal to a more stable plane. I have been living in a small hovel near my daytime employer, a local locksmith, where I work as a clerk. In the evenings, I use the skills I have honed to liberate small items from overly pompous and wealthy individuals in other parts of the town. Tomorrow I shall set off to a city and attempt to fence my cache and hopefully get some lock picking tools.


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